XTO beach portrait

Christophe Gstalder Photographer/Director

 After pursuing a long and sucessful career in fashion and appeared in countless magazines worldwide including Marie-Claire, Elle , Vogue and has shot many advertising campaigns ,celebrity portraits, music artists, music videos and film commercials. 

In the last few years, Christophe has taken a special interest, close to his heart to document his favorite subject, ’Indigenous People” from different corners of the world. Travelling from the Amazon Kayapo tribes though Venezuela Wayu tribes , Koghies from Colombia.Panama  Kuna's  Tribe from San Blas- Kuna Yala  or Guaymi  Ngöbe tribes, Lacandons from Mexico Chiapas and especially the Brunkas...Indigenous people of Costa Rica from the South Pacific zone.

He is currently working on the post production of his documentary "Above the Clouds" ... A 30 years journey through changes  with the Brunka tribe from Boruca ,Costa Rica . Film, Book publishing and photo exhibitions projects for 2019 

 All Photos copyright Christophe Gstalder


representation Saint-Aubin Group